Why the major players in Fashion, are outfit repeaters.

Pick up any fashion magazine, and it will tell you “the top 10 trends to try this spring” or the new “must have items” but the dirty little secret of the fashion world? Every major player in fashion has a uniform! When I worked at who what wear, Katherine Power and Hilary Kerr both had signature styles. Anna winter consistently wears the same styles that she feels powerful in. And Grace Coddington the creative director of vogue has a simple timeless style that she has been photographed in, for decades. Barack Obama and Steve Jobs famously subscribe to wearing a uniform! The idea is that by having several “go to” outfits, you avoid decision fatigue.  Here’s one recent example of this argument, written by Vincent Carlos: “Simply put, every decision you make uses up your mental energy. Just the simple act of thinking about whether you should choose A or…

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